Available Courses and Webinars

Welcome to this site, dedicated to improving the visual recognition of clinical signs using materials from the “Clinical Eye Openers (CEO)” and other sites. Here you will find webinars designed to open your eyes from the clinical perspective. They will present concepts about the nature of teratogens and their relationship with morphogenesis, clinical manifestations, that is, dysmorphogenesis, and a better and deeper understanding of congenital malformations.

Each webinar consists of several parts:

    • main webinar video-lecture;
    • supplemental webinar materials;
    • test questions to confirm that you have fully reviewed the presented material.

Participation in the webinars requires registration. Please sign up or, if you are already registered, login to the site with your password. Please note that only after reviewing all the materials and successful answers to test questions (at least 70%), you will be able to see the link to download your certificate. Also, please carefully enter your data into the registration form, as they will be reflected in the certificate.

We wish you success! Please, click below on any webinar you want or view the full list of available courses and webinars.

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